GoDataDriven's 2019 Training Brochure

Download the 2019 GoDataDriven training brochure with our full training curriculum for data engineering, data science, and analytics translator training

GoDataDriven Training Brochure 2019

Our trainer team is made up of data scientists and data engineers that spend 95% of their time on client-facing work. We've developed a series of courses that will not only upskill you, but give you real-world examples and tried and true best practices.

We've worked with a roster of top-tier clients, including Nike, ING, and KPN. Our team is heavily involved in the community, hosting a wide range of Meetups, Hackathons, and Open Kitchens. Our data scientists and engineers are also frequently asked to speak on conferences and summits and we regularly attend tradeshows so there's actually a good chance we may have already met.

Our core mission is, and has always been, to maintain 'authority' in this space, which has driven us to make learning an absolute priority.

**** tl;dr Train with real practitioners, learn best practices and actually applicable tools & methods.

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Very interesting, a good overview and useful hands-on, practical labs. Will definitely recommend to others!

Federico Calore