Data Engineering and Data Science Training

Develop your data engineering and data science skills and take your career and expertise to the next level.

Data Engineering and Data Science Training

Learn to develop robust and scalable data solutions that can be taken into production with ease. Our skilled trainers have world-class knowledge and years of experience in the fields of Data Engineering, Data Science, and Analytics Translating.

Organizations need to adapt to change more effectively. For this, they require Data Scientists that can not only develop statistical models that predict future events, but can take these models into production as well.

GoDataDriven’s training curriculum enables professionals to escalate their Data Science skills to the next level. Whether you are new to the Data Science scene and want to learn how to develop models with R, Python, or Spark, or you are an experienced Data Scientist interested in broadening and deepening your skill set; GoDataDriven offers a complete package of high-quality training.

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What are the training sessions like?

A portion of our curriculum is open for everyone to download and play with it. You can find the material here. By opening the slides you can get a feeling of the approach used in the classroom.

Even though only samples of some training sessions are present, you can expect all the training sessions to have a similar structure and depth.

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The trainer was very knowledgeable. I specifically liked the way of presenting and the good structure of the training.

Joris van Quaethoven

Complete Curriculum of Data Engineering and Data Science Training

Apache Airflow: a tool to orchestrate big data

You will develop the skills to use and manage Apache Airflow in this two-day training. pache Airflow allows you to maximize the value of any type of big data in a company. As a powerful big data orchestration tool, Apache Airflow refines data from an unrefined state into a reliable, more useful state.

Data Science with Python

This training will teach you about the relevant packages and tools to do data science in Python. We will cover the tools and packages that help you solve your day-to-day data science needs. Specifically, you will learn how to work with numpy, pandas, matplotlib, and scikit-learn; we will teach how to use the Jupyter environment and how to leverage its notebooks. Added to that, we will show you how the command line to speed up some everyday tasks relevant to data science.

Data Science with R

This training empowers you as a data scientist to use R in Rstudio to do data science, analytics and machine learning. You will learn how to apply the tidyverse stack from Rstudio, how to create interactive ML dashboards with Shiny as well as how to integrate R with databases, Spark and the h2o machine learning tooling.

Data Science with Spark

This training empowers you as a data practitioner to use Spark for data manipulation, machine learning and streaming algorithms for big data. You will learn how to use optimize your Spark queries, fully leverage the machine learning API, and replace your batch pipeline by data streams.

Deep Learning

Explore the essentials of deep learning through real-world applications. The deep learning (DL) approach to artificial intelligence (AI) has already revolutionized many industries. Learn how these autonomous, self-teaching systems, like Google’s voice and image recognition algorithms, are developed and applied in this dynamic, three-day training. Through hands-on experience, you’ll learn how to leverage cloud GPU resources and build deep-learning models for images, text and time series.

Spark Programming

This three-day training is for data engineers, analysts, architects; software engineers; IT operations; and technical managers interested in a thorough, hands-on overview of the Apache Spark platform. Each topic includes slide and lecture content along with the hands-on use of Spark through the elegant Databricks web-based notebook environment. Inspired by tools like IPython/Jupyter and Matlab, Databricks notebooks allow attendees to code jobs, data analysis queries and generate visualizations using their own Spark cluster, accessed through a web browser.

Reasons to Select GoDataDriven as your Preferred Training Partner

Much efforts have been put into creating content that is based on real-life experience with taking data-driven applications into production. You can be certain that the content is fit to be used in any organization. We adapt the pace of the program to every participant and allow as much time for questions and interaction as required.

All training is including materials, unless specified differently. Lunch is provided and refreshments and snacks are made available throughout the day. Prices are excluding VAT and subject to change.

  • In 2013, GoDataDriven was named Cloudera EMEA training partner of the year, in 2016 named Trainer of the Year APAC;
  • Proficient and highly-experienced trainers, who make sure that the contents are explained vividly and can be applied to your business directly;
  • GoDataDriven has been actively deploying Hadoop since 2009, and has implemented the foundation for data-driven transitions of the largest e-commerce and travel businesses in the Netherlands, including KLM, Schiphol, eBay, Wehkamp &;
  • The state-of-art curriculum based on practical and local experience, no hypothetical examples or experiences from far away;
  • GoDataDriven has been successfully facilitating training throughout Europe and the Middle East and has delivered custom data science solutions to dozens of large enterprises;
  • We are strong believers in open source technology. Because we actively contribute to many open source projects, you can rely on us to know what we are talking about.
  • Our trainers are regular speakers at international conferences like the Spark Summit, Strata Hadoop World, Berlin Buzzwords and PyData events;

Public or In-Company?

All our training is available both as public training as well as in-company.

Reasons to organize an in-company training: - Large groups: When you need to train 6 or more participants from your organization at the same time, an in-company training can be the most economical option. - Custom training requirements: When the standard topics do not entirely meet your requirements, with in-company it is possible to make custom arrangements with the trainer directly. - Custom date & location: With an in-company training, you determine the dates and location of the training.

Training Location

GoDataDriven provides training at its own training facilities in Amsterdam. The training facilities are located centrally in Amsterdam and can be reached easily by public transportation as well as by car.

GoDataDriven Wibautstraat 200-202 1091 GS Amsterdam

Travel Directions

Training Facilities GoDataDriven

Very interesting, a good overview and useful hands-on, practical labs. Will definitely recommend to others!

Federico Calore