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Apply Power BI in more challenging scenarios.

This training is an advanced training for experienced Power BI users. After following this training, you will provide both a theoretical background on the inner workings of Power BI and hands-on experience with the tool.

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What you'll learn

  • How to extract, transform and load data into Power BI from various sources
  • How to describe storage options using Power BI when connecting to a database
  • How to perform various types of data transformations in the Power Query Editor
  • How to mash up data by integrating different sources

  • How to describe Power BI desktop data modeling
  • About the relationships between tables and how to create them
  • How to create visualizations to explore data
  • How to build an interactive dashboard
  • How to share a dashboard with colleagues

The schedule

  • Introduction to the Power Query Editor
  • Introduction to M
  • Creating functions in M
  • How create and maintain a large amount of tables, columns and measures with the Tabular Editor
  • Diagnosing performance issues
  • Introducing DAX Studio
  • How to analyze how the PowerBI Engine processes DAX code


learning journey

Data Analyst Learning Journey

After this training

During this training you will learn how to perform advanced data transformations not available in the Query Editor. We will discuss how to leverage the embedded PowerBI programming language (M) to achieve this. The M basics will be covered as well as how to write custom functions empowering participants to work with poorly structured data and to prepare it for a star structure.

In addition, participants will learn how to enable dashboard users to write back to a source through Power Apps. We will cover Power Apps fundamentals, including how to create a Power App and add it as a visual on a Power BI dashboard.

Finally, as performance problems might occur when models grow larger and more complex, we will address the Vertpaq Analyzer and DAX studio, two powerful tools to diagnose and fix performance issues.

The Advanced Power BI training is perfect for

Power BI Key users with over a year of Power BI experience who want to bring their Data Modeling and DAX knowledge to the next level.



meet your trainer

Juan Manuel Perafan

Analytics Engineer

Juan is an Analytics Engineer with a passion for data visualization and programmatic solutions. His mission is to make organizations become data-driven using user-friendly tools like Tableau, Power BI, or Fivetran.

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Course: Advanced Power BI – DAX & Data Modeling Training

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