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Certified Data Science with Python Foundation Training

English | 3 days | Certificate Available
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Certified Data Science with Python

Learn the best practice for effective data analysis and machine learning with this practical training about data science with Python. Explore how Python can help you take the next step in your Data & AI career, guided by GoDataDriven’s Data Science experts in this 3-days course.

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What you'll learn

Jupyter Notebooks

  • How to create interactive documents
  • The most useful tips and tricks (magics, and more.)
  • How to organize your project


  • Where the performance comes from
  • Some limits of the performance
  • About broadcasting and its advantages
  • How to work with shape conventions
  • The most useful NumPy functions and tricks


  • How to create plots with Matplotlib in other packages
  • More advanced plots with Seaborn
  • More expressive plotting libraries (plotnine or Altair)


  • How to perform data-wrangling tasks
  • The most important methods and functions in pandas
  • How to customize aggregations
  • How to organize code and use pandas pipelines
  • Understanding stateless transformations
  • How to automate logging in pandas

Machine Learning with scikit-learn

  • Machine Learning models
  • Data Transformations
  • Data Estimators
  • How to combine these into pipelines
  • How to automate everything in a grid search
  • How to write building blocks

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The program consists of both theory and hands-on exercises.

Day 1:

  • Working with Jupyter notebooks in a sustainable way
  • How to do numerical computations and linear algebra with NumPy
  • Visualizing data with Matplotlib, Seaborn, and other packages

Day 2:

  • Transforming and munging data with pandas

Day 3:

  • Machine Learning principles and how to work with scikit-learn

Do more with data!

You have a basic understanding of Python, but want to learn about the Python ecosystem? This training will do just that for you. In three days, you will learn how to unlock the potential of Python for data analysis, visualization, and machine learning. You will know how to work with Jupyter notebooks, transform your data with pandas, train models with scikit-learn, and create plots and graphs with Matplotlib, Seaborn, and other visualization packages (e.g., plotnine, Altair).

“Climbing a steep Python and Machine Learning curve in three days. This would have taken me months on my own.”

FD Mediagroep Data Scientist

This training is perfect for

Budding Data Scientists who want to get a grip on the most popular and essential data science tools. This Foundation training enhances your data science skills and shares best practices for setting up projects in Python to kickstart your venture into data science. Familiarity with Python is required for this training. Check out the Python Essentials training program to get an idea of the level needed to join this course.

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Data Science with Python Foundation Certification

The exam and Data Science with Python Foundation certificate are included in the course. The exam can be taken directly after the training or at a moment of your choice. If you get at least 50% of the 50 multiple choice questions right, you will pass the exam and receive your certificate. More information about the exam can be found here. Prepare in advance with this Data Science with Python Foundation sample exam here. Please select “Data Science with Python Foundation (2020)” from the dropdown menu.

Data Science Skills

The Data Science Learney Journey

The training courses in this journey teach you new skills and empower you to stay ahead professionally. We offer solid fundamentals that apply to practical Python courses, whether you are a beginner or an advanced user. We also offer courses on Spark, R, and Deep Learning.

The Right Format For Your Preferred Learning Style

At GoDataDriven we offer four distinct training modalities:

  • In-Classroom & In-Company Training
  • Online, Instructor-Led Training
  • Hybrid and Blended Learning
  • Self-Paced Training

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  • ING Bank
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