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Docker & Kubernetes Training

English | 2 days
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Docker & Kubernetes

How many times have you heard the word “container” during an IT conversation? Exactly! And that’s because containerised  solutions are here to stay. But what are containers? How do we build them and how do we place our solutions in them? And, most importantly: how do we run them? Well, that’s precisely what this training is about. By the end of it, all those questions will be answered and more!

What you'll learn

You will learn:

  • How to containerise your solution
  • How to interact with the container
  • How to properly structure the containerised solution
  • How to deploy your container(s) to Kubernetes
  • How to manage the solution and the cluster

The Program

The program consists of both theory and hands-on exercises for Docker and Kubernetes.


  • How to work with volumes and containers
  • How docker builds layers and how this knowledge improves your Dockerfile
  • Interacting with the containers
  • How to enjoy the automation that docker-compose gives you
  • How to lint Dockerfiles automatically


  • Kubernetes components and structure
  • Orchestration and management through kubectl and Helm
  • Different types of deployment structures
  • Solution deployment design patterns

Climbing a steep Python and Machine Learning curve in three days. This would have taken me months on my own.

FD Mediagroep Data Scientist

This online course is perfect for

IT engineers/architects and even curious data scientists, who work in a DevOps related area and find themselves involved in a microservice type of architecture or simply wish to learn how to better structure and run their solutions in a cluster. Basic knowledge of *nix is convenient but not essential.

What will you learn during the Docker and Kubernetes training?

After this training, you will understand how Docker containers work and be able to containerise your solutions. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to deploy them in a container-based cluster (Kubernetes) and also be able to manage all aspects of its life cycle.

Data Engineering

Learn how to take data and AI concepts from concept to prototype and to production-ready application. Acquire the skills to develop and run Data and AI solutions at an enterprise-scale with ease! Take part in a specific training or advance through the entire journey. Learn how to build secure data platforms and reliable AI applications that are engineered for scale.

The Right Format For Your Preferred Learning Style

At GoDataDriven we offer four distinct training modalities:

  • In-Classroom & In-Company Training
  • Online, Instructor-Led Training
  • Hybrid and Blended Learning
  • Self-Paced Training

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