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25 Oct - 27 Oct, 2021
Virtual / English


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This two-day training program is packed with all the ins and outs to learn and improve your dbt (data building tool) skills.

With this open-source piece of magic, you will be able to transform data in warehouses with simple statements. Modelling strategies, automated testing, performance optimization will be in your toolkit afterwards.

Including verified dbt Learn Certificate!

Training days will be 25, 26, and 27th of October, from 9:00h until 13:30h (CEST).

Clients we've helped

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  • Dupont - GoDataDriven customer
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What you'll learn

  • Build models to shape your data from raw data to transformed data
  • Configure and run tests on your data to meet your expectations
  • Write, generate, and view documentation while you develop

  • Deploy your dbt Project to run on a schedule with dbt Cloud
  • Leverage Jinja and Macros to write DRY code
  • Learn about how dbt interacts with Data Warehouse and BI Tools

The schedule

Day One: Foundations
  • Learn about the role of an analytics engineer
  • Distributed dbt Learn norms
  • Fundamentals of dbt and Project Design
  • Learn how to test your transformations and source data
  • Document your transformations to improve collaboration
  • Deploy your dbt projects
Day Two: Applications
  • Polishing your dbt project
  • Using Jinja within dbt
  • How to use packages and projects
  • When and where to use dbt Materializations
  • What incremental Models are and where we can use them
  • An overview of the different data warehouses
  • Techniques of the trade

learning journey

Data Engineering Learning Journey

dbt Labs

🎓dbt labs put $300 from every Learn ticket into a dbt community fund to offer financial support. dbt first use if this refund is to cover the ticket costs for underrepresented and marginalized community members in tech to attend dbt Learn. If you would like to apply for a dbt scholarship ticket, please do so here.


meet your trainer

Lucy Sheppard

Data Spirit Guide

Lucy is a fully qualified teacher with four years experience at a UK bank, building models to generate customer risk profiles. She has always had a passion for learning and teaching so when she got to combine this with her skills in data by becoming a data science trainer she felt extremely lucky. Lucy endeavours to continually produce and deliver high quality training to share knowledge and support the next iteration of data scientists.

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