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Python for Data Engineers Training

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Python for Data Engineers

Python is a flexible and powerful language, which gives developers lots of freedom. But such freedom can lead to unmaintainable wheel-reinventing spaghetti-like code. This training will provide you with the necessary tools to help you turn your code simple, beautiful and truly pythonic.

What you'll learn

  • How to write a decorators
  • How to use context managers
  • How to properly write Python objects
  • How to properly package a Python app via

  • How to write proper fixtures for unittesting (Flask and regular apps)
  • How to run Flask from within a Docker container
  • How to combine Flask and unicorn
  • How to add commands to the Flask CLI

The Program

The program consists of both theory and hands-on exercises.


  • Setting up Python
  • List comprehensions
  • Iterators and generators
  • Functions
  • Type hinting
  • Object oriented structures
  • Decorators
  • Context managers
  • OS Filesystem
  • Command line
  • Unit testing
  • Flask applications

Climbing a steep Python and Machine Learning curve in three days. This would have taken me months on my own.

FD Mediagroep Data Scientist

This online course is perfect for

Data Scientists, Analysts and data engineers who spend their working hours developing Python-based solutions. Basic experience with Python is required. If you’re not quite there yet, we recommend the Python Essentials course as preparation for this training.

What will you learn during the Python for Data Engineers training?

After this training, you will learn advanced features of the Python language, which will help you structure your code in accordance with the language fundamentals, reduce its size and make it more readable, maintainable and scalable.

Data Engineering

The Learning Journey for Data Engineers

Learn how to take data and AI concepts from concept to prototype and to production-ready application. Acquire the skills to develop and run Data and AI solutions at an enterprise-scale with ease! Take part in a specific training or advance through the entire journey. Learn how to build secure data platforms and reliable AI applications that are engineered for scale.

The Right Format For Your Preferred Learning Style

At GoDataDriven we offer four distinct training modalities:

  • In-Classroom & In-Company Training
  • Online, Instructor-Led Training
  • Hybrid and Blended Learning
  • Self-Paced Training

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