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Streaming Architecture at Scale Training

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Streaming Architecture at Scale

While some apps enjoy the luxury of processing in a batch oriented fashion, others, as in the IoT ecosystem, expect events to be ingested and processed as they occur. This training focuses on two key players on the streaming-side of data processing: Apache Kafka and Apache Spark!


What you'll learn

  • Fundamentals of queue messaging systems
  • Fundamentals of the Kafka architecture
  • Fundamentals of Spark Streaming, with concept as checkpointing, watermarking, streaming windows and more
  • How to consume and process events from Kafka with Spark

The Program

The program consists of both theory and hands-on exercises for Kafka and Spark.


  • How streaming topics work
  • The basics of messaging systems
  • Watermarks
  • The concept of topics
  • Design considerations for a messaging system
  • Run a Kafka cluster as docker-compose


  • Set Spark as a consumer for Kafka
  • Process incoming events real-time

Climbing a steep Python and Machine Learning curve in three days. This would have taken me months on my own.

FD Mediagroep Data Scientist

This online course is perfect for

IT engineers/architects, who deal with data stream processing architectures. Basic experience with Python and Apache Spark is required. If you’re not quite there yet, we recommend the Python for Data Engineers and Data Processing at Scale courses respectively as preparation for this training.

What will you learn during Streaming Architecture at Scale?

After this training, you will have understanding on how queue messaging systems work, how to route real-time incoming events with Apache Kafka and finally how to process them in real-time with Apache Spark.

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The Right Format For Your Preferred Learning Style

At GoDataDriven we offer four distinct training modalities:

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  • Online, Instructor-Led Training
  • Hybrid and Blended Learning
  • Self-Paced Training

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