Data Governance that works

Data Governance that enables your organisation.

Getting data governance working in an organization is hard work. And there is also a big chance that the effort you put in will turn out not to have the result you envisioned. We see many data governance efforts started with the usual best intentions in mind: improve quality, improve usability, improve transparency, improve compliance. However, those projects often end up hampering the use of data, because the governance implementation is too focused on control instead of enablement.

Our approach tries to turn this around. Instead of focusing on technology and control, we focus on enabling people to use data in a valuable, safe and compliant way.

Combining your Data Lake and Data Warehouse

Storing all your data in a single data platform reduces the overall complexity of the solution. However seamlessly combining best of breed tooling, is a difficult process to get right.

Seamless cooperation between, or even integration of, data lakes and data warehouses is a clear trend.

Splitting compute and storage, typically reduces storage cost, as well as allows for more dynamic scaling of the compute. Combined with per second billing, this is a radical new approach to building a data warehouse, wherein system are typically sized based on their peak load.

GoDataDriven has developed its standardized approach to a data platform. Primarily build on cloud native components, but flexible to be able differentiate in tooling.

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Why you need a data platform:

Storing your data once

Having one platform support both big data and analytical workloads, makes a lot of sense. Primarily because the alternative requires storing and keeping data in sync in multiple places.

Splitting compute and storage

By splitting compute and storage, you can reduce storage cost, as well as allows for more dynamic scaling of the compute. This combined with per second billing, is a radical new approach to a data warehouse, wherein system are typically sized based on their peak load.
Moreover, it helps in the integration with data lakes. Instead of needing to copy/load data into the data warehouse, we can simply point the data warehouse in the direction of the data lake.

Keeping in control

A good data governance is a strong requirement for all modern, data-driven organizations. And although this is not an easy task, we want to help you implement this on top of your data platform in a way that comes almost natural and does not put unnecessary constraints and requirements on your development.

The Benefits of GoDataDriven’s approach to a Data Platform

With our cloud agnostic approach to a Data Platform, we can build a platform which integrates within your existing infrastructure with ease.

  1. A standardized platform which remains flexible
  2. By combining cloud native components with placeholder for your tooling, we provide a platform which is both fast to deploy and easy to integrate with your organisation.

  3. Infrastructure as code
  4. Together with the cloud experts at, we have developed templates allowing us to deploy a data platform to AWS, Azure, or GCP. Alternatively, we can also deploy a cloud agnostic variant of the platform based on Kubernetes.

  5. Extend the platform with Enablement Tooling
  6. Optionally, we can extend the platform with tools which enable us to on-board business users. The tools which make up the data platform typically target a very technical user, but tooling like Talend Cloud Data preparation can enable a business user to identify and fix data quality issues without the need of a data engineer.

  1. Reduce cost by splitting compute and storage
  2. Splitting compute and storage allows you to take advantage of per second billing, and thereby optimize how much you spend on compute.

  3. Roll out multiple instances of the same Data Platform
  4. Organisations are increasingly a complex network of different operating companies. Having one common data platform, which is flexible enough to support opcos to differentiate with their own tooling choices is key. However, in order to reduce the difficulty of sharing data applications between opcos we fix some components which run these applications.

  5. Executed by the best in the business
  6. GoDataDriven only works with the best data engineers and the best data scientists. We aim to be the authority in the field of data and AI. We have proven this at many clients, including, Schiphol, eBay, ING,, Vattenfall, Randstad, Air France-KLM, and Ahold Delhaize.

  7. Support when you need it
  8. As the complexities of ‘raw infrastructure’ diminish, higher-level complexities come into existence, it is assuring to know that you can always fall back on specialists. GoDataDriven provides the direct point of contact for your business critical data processes.


Have any questions?

Contact Niels Zeilemaker (our CTO) in case you want to know more about infrastructure, platforms, data and AI-driven applications or discuss specific technical challenges you are facing. We might very well be able to help you!