Managed Data and AI Services

When you have your data and AI practice up and running, you want peace of mind that this business-critical process stays that way. How do you ensure stability and optimal performance?

Manage your platform services

The right data available for the right people

It is essential that your critical business data is available at all times and that users of the data platform have access to the right data. GoDataDriven ensures the automation of best practices, tests and security. On top of this, we standardize where possible to maximize the operational agility.

  • Data availability
  • Data governance
  • Data pipeline management
  • Data process management

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Manage your AI application performance

Ensure performance of your smart processes

When your AI applications are running in production, you want to have peace of mind of both their technical as well as their business performance: are the applications performing well and are the results accurate? GoDataDriven monitors your AI applications 24/7 and optimizes their performance for you.

  • AI Application accuracy management
  • AI Application speed performance management
  • AI Application stability management

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Support when you need it

Control the platform and services that are critical to your business

As the complexities of ‘raw infrastructure’ diminish, higher-level complexities come into existence, it is assuring to know that you can  always fall back on specialists. GoDataDriven provides the direct point of contact for your business critical data processes.

  • First and second-line support
  • 24/7 SLA for escalations
  • Cloud spend optimization

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Get in touch with the experts

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Are you interested in management of your data platform services or the performance of your smart applications?  Contact Rob Dielemans, CEO.