AI Strategy Execution

It’s 2019. You’ve invested time and resources in data and AI. Let’s look at the results – are you realizing business value?


Assess your AI maturity and lead you to the next level

You can not start your journey if you do not know where you are. We assess your AI maturity level on people and skills, tools and technology, and data to design the journey to grow your AI capabilities.

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Find the right use cases and translate them into business solutions

The process around AI solutions is just as important as building them. Ideation workshops, AI literacy trainings, product ownership and management of enterprise-scale projects: it’s all in a day’s work for an Analytics Translator.

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What is the role of an Analytics Translator?

Learn how an Analytics Translator helps organizations overcome the most common difficulties when building AI solutions.

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Lead the way for your data and AI teams

We know how AI projects should be executed. Our lead data scienstists and lead data engineers set up workflows, coach your experts and scale your engineering culture. By implementing DevOps for AI, we make sure that your data scientists, data engineers and analytics translators develop products that realize business value.

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Our work

Case studies

“I’ve personally experienced the professionalism of the GDD AI Maturity Assessment. The recommendations can be implemented directly to the organization, IT and development of skills. The AI Maturity Assessment provided us with fresh insights and concrete recommendations for our organization.”

Ronald Root Senior Data Driven Business Developer

“ING wants to become a data-driven organization with Analytics as a business model. GoDataDriven is our partner in accomplishing this ambition. They have the expertise to deliver a wide range of trainings, for our business people, our executive and the experienced Data Scientists.”

Mieke Nan Analytics Academy Lead at ING

“Data allows us to make the interactions with our clients as individual and personalized as possible”

Senior Manager Customer Relations and Interactions (CRM Strategy)

“By developing solutions based on the data in the Data Lake, we can inform our customers proactively and help them to optimize their energy consumption.”

Rens Weijers Manager Data and Strategy
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