AI Maturity Scan

Making Your Organization AI-Driven

Putting AI solutions into production is a difficult task. Only 15% of all organizations succeed in doing so, according to our annual Data & AI Survey. The AI Maturity Scan helps your organization advance its data and AI capabilities.

The Challenges of Improving AI Maturity

Advancing your organization’s AI maturity is a challenging task, no matter how mature its AI capabilities are. When starting out, you face the challenge of finding the right talent, sponsorship and executing the first use cases.

For more mature organizations issues arise with engaging the business, growing challenges concerning data governance and security, and successfully productionizing AI solutions.

Further compounding these issues is the complexity of an AI Maturity Journey. It is being influenced by a multitude of factors, from data quality to funding, and from tools to business involvement.

That’s why GoDataDriven has developed the AI Maturity Scan, giving you a clear and actionable overview of your organization’s AI maturity within three weeks.

The AI Maturity Scan is Perfect For:

Establishing a baseline of your data and AI capabilities

Since AI Maturity is influenced by many variables, companies often find it difficult to establish a baseline of their capabilities. If this is something you also recognize in your organization, the AI Maturity Scan is a great solution for helping you to pinpoint strengths, weaknesses and next steps for your data and AI capability.

Validating your internal findings on data and AI capabilities

Whether you are an analytics director, chief data officer or lead data scientist, you probably have a pretty good idea of where your organization stands. However, it can be difficult to find the time to collate all your day-to-day experiences in a single report and then use this to convince your organization’s executives of the need to take specific action(s). The AI Maturity Scan will do this for you.

Focusing on the right areas when implementing an internal or external data and AI development program

Not only does the AI Maturity Scan serve as a great benchmark, but it’s also a great tool for guiding your organization’s data and AI development programs. The outcomes of the scan ensure your organization focuses on the right areas and they provide a solid analysis on which to base the next action. We have seen that acting on the outcomes quickly leads to good results.

Curious what an AI Maturity Journey looks like?

Our AI Maturity Journey whitepaper maps the journey to becoming an AI-driven company, and details what areas you need to focus on to improve your organization's AI maturity.

Download the whitepaper

7 Benefits of GoDataDriven’s AI Maturity Scan

With our comprehensive AI Maturity Scan, GoDataDriven can help you hit the ground running. Two of our expert consultants will review all aspects of your organization’s data and AI capabilities and deliver a clear, insightful and actionable report within three weeks.

  1. Get results quickly and efficiently
  2. No endless waiting for reports, no delay of final presentations. From start to finish, the entire assessment and review process takes no more than three weeks.

  3. Clear, insightful and actionable report
  4. At GoDataDriven, we pride ourselves in supporting clients in the development of their own capabilities, and the AI Maturity Scan is no exception. You will get a clear and insightful report that all major stakeholders can understand. The overview of the next steps and focus areas is actionable and ready to be executed.

  5. Understand how data and AI link to your mission and vision
  6. Too many businesses “do data and AI” without properly linking it to the mission and vision of their organization. Our AI Maturity Scan looks at this fit and can help you steer your data and AI projects in the right direction—toward business value.

  1. Great baseline to measure progress against
  2. Measuring progress is crucial for any organization, but this is impossible to do without a solid baseline. The AI Maturity Scan gives you the ability to reflect on and measure whether definite progress is being made.

  3. Know upfront what to expect
  4. Although the outcome of the scan is not fixed, you will know what you can expect even before the scan starts. There is a fixed timeline, a fixed process, fixed deliverables, and a fixed price.

  5. Executed by the best in the business
  6. GoDataDriven only works with the best data engineers and the best data Scientists. We aim to be the authority in the field of data and AI. We have proven this at many clients, including, Schiphol, eBay, ING,, Vattenfall, Randstad, Air France-KLM, and Ahold Delhaize.

  7. Hassle-free on your behalf
  8. Our consultants know what to look for, what questions to ask, and which stakeholders to interview. This means the process is conducted hassle-free, on your behalf. You arrange our access to code and architecture and the interviews with major stakeholders, and we perform the review and analysis.

What customers say about the AI Maturity Scan

“I’ve personally experienced the professionalism of the GoDataDriven AI Maturity Scan. The recommendations can be directly applied. The AI Maturity Scan provided us with fresh insights and concrete recommendations for our organization.”
Ronald Root, Manager Data Science and Business Innovation, Eneco

How the AI Maturity Scan Works

The AI Maturity Scan is executed during a three-week timeframe by a data engineer and a data scientist from GoDataDriven. This execution includes:

  • A kick-off with all major stakeholders.
  • Interviews with employees whose work involves data and AI.
  • A technical assessment with code and architecture reviews.
  • An analysis of your organization’s AI capabilities based on the outcomes of interviews and reviews
  • A map of the findings plotted on analytical capability (people & skills, tools & technology, data) and business adoption (assessed executive support, funding, implementation).
  • A final presentation to all major stakeholders that showcases the organization’s strengths and weakness, best possible next actions, and focus areas.

AI Maturity Journey

“I’ve personally experienced the professionalism of GoDataDriven’s AI Maturity scan. The recommendations can be directly applied to the organization, IT, and development of skills. The AI Maturity Scan provided us with fresh insights and concrete recommendations for our organization.”

Ronald Root Manager Data Science and Business Innovation

Contact Stijn Tonk, our Chief Strategy & Innovation, if you want to know more. Stijn is responsible for all services in GoDataDriven’s ‘Organize’ portfolio, including the AI Maturity Scan. He’ll be happy to discuss your organization’s challenges and to determine whether GoDataDriven can help mature your AI capabilities!