AI Maturity Scan

Towards AI Maturity

Organizations move through four distinct phases on their way to AI Maturity. The objective of the AI Maturity Scan is to provide insight in your current phase and to get recommendations to advance the data and AI capabilities of your organization.

Roadmap towards AI Maturity

Advancing the AI maturity can be an arduous task for organizations in any phase. Whether it is finding the right talent, developing executive support, embedding data governance and security, or implementing AI solutions in the business; the road towards AI Maturity is long and winding.

To support organizations along the way, GoDataDriven has developed the AI Maturity Scan. This enterprise-wide scan assesses your AI maturity and provides practical recommendations to advance along the journey.

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Analytical Capabilities and Business Adoption

The AI Maturity level of an organization is determined by assessing the Business Adoption and Analytical Capabilities. Both elements can be broken down into several components, including people, technology, data, executive support, and skills.

The AI Maturity Scan establishes a baseline and provides guidance to mature organizations through four phases. By evaluating strengths, points of improvement, and the next steps, the outcome of the scan is a practical starting point towards the next level of maturity.

Quantifiable results over gut feeling

The AI Maturity Scan converts gut feeling into quantified results based on clear evaluation criteria. This makes the output a valuable asset to design your roadmap towards becoming a data-driven organization and convince your stakeholders of the next steps.

Focus on what matters most instead of trying to do everything at once

Not only does the AI Maturity Scan serve as a great benchmark, it’s also a great tool to guide your organization’s data and AI development programs. The outcome of the scan empowers your organization to focus on the right areas to reap the benefits of your data and AI efforts.

Find Out the AI Maturity Level of Your Organization

This self-assessment provides an initial indication of your organizations' AI maturity level by rating your level of maturity on several key components.

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Process and Benefits of the AI Maturity Scan

The AI Maturity Scan researches your analytical capabilities and business adoption on many levels and aspects of your organization.

After a kick-off with all major stakeholders, we start conducting interviews with all stakeholders across the organization. The next step is a thorough assessment of code and architecture. The outcome of both the interviews and technical reviews form the basis of an evaluation of your organization’s AI capabilities.

We conclude the scan with a presentation of the results of the assessment to all major stakeholders. The final report acts as a pragmatic overview of your situation, mapped on the four phases of AI Maturity.

From maturity scan to AI roadmap

When the findings and recommendations have been presented, before actually start working on improvements of your AI capability, you will need to arrange for solid sponsorship from management and allocate or even acquire resources to detail your AI roadmap and work on all activities resulting from this roadmap.

That’s why we include support hours from our experienced consultants to support you to get executive buy-in and budget. These hours can be spend on training management teams to better understand the benefits and requirements with respect to the AI capability. We can also help you hiring the right AI leaders and experts to start building/expanding your AI teams or help you designing your AI roadmap.

  1. Clear Process
  2. The battle-tested process of the AI Maturity scan has proven itself effective, so you can be assured upfront of the timeline, deliverables, and the investment.

  3. Instant Feedback
  4. No endless waiting for reports, no delay of final presentations. The entire assessment and review process takes no more than a few weeks at most.

  5. All-Level Access
  6. We’ve been assessing data and AI organizations since 2009. The GoDataDriven consultants can level with and relate to anyone within an organization, from junior data analyst to innovation director to CEO.

  1. Actionable Reports
  2. The outcome of the scan is a pragmatic report full of insights that will uncover your organization’s potential to all major stakeholders.

  3. Prioritized for Business Value
  4. Use the results of the AI Maturity Scan to steer your data and AI projects towards what matters most: business value.

  5. Measurable Progress
  6. With the outcome of the AI Maturity Scan as a baseline, measuring the progress is an easy process.

On-Demand Webinar AI Maturity Journey

View this webinar to learn all about the levels of analytical capabilities and business adoption of AI-driven organizations.

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Customer References of the AI Maturity Scan

“When I see how fast we can deploy a model since working with GoDataDriven, and also at the increased quality, I’m amazed by the vast difference compared to five months ago”

Falco Vermeer Data and Analytics manager

“I’ve personally experienced the professionalism of GoDataDriven’s AI Maturity scan. The recommendations can be directly applied to the organization, IT, and development of skills. The AI Maturity Scan provided us with fresh insights and concrete recommendations for our organization.”

Ronald Root Manager Data Science and Business Innovation

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