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Turn-Key Cloud & Data Solutions

A modern data platform consists of many different components. To make the implementation of such a platform fast and flexible, GoDataDriven offers turn-key data platforms that allow organizations to adapt rapidly and grow with certainty.

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Our Ambition

Turn-Key Solutions to Overcome Data Challenges With Ease

Our turn-key platforms are built using proven, cutting edge components that support any data application, from near real-time dashboarding to running complex AI products. The data platform has been designed and developed based on our decades of experience with the implementation of scalable infrastructure for the enterprise. A GDD Solutions data platform offers fast implementation and seamless integration, without compromising the ability to overcome any real-world data challenge.

Why Choose A GDD Solutions Turn-Key Platform?

100% Focus on Value and Efficiency

GDD Solution platforms make use cloud-native services where possible and best-of-breed components where necessary. With this approach, we have been able to create a solution that both radically shortens the time-to-market, reduces the implementation cost, and limits the maintenance to the minimum, as well as ensures a focus on business value by integrating the latest and cutting-edge technologies.

Turn-key and scalable

The Architecture of a Modern Data Platform

It’s our ambition to implement the best data solutions as efficiently as possible. Based on our years of experience, we have created a solution that can be implemented quickly. The result for our clients is a shorter time-to-market and a greater competitive edge.


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Data Platform Solution

A turn-key solution for making data available within your company and accelerating your analytics needs. The GDD Data platform delivers value to the business in a short amount of time.

Who is this solution for?

  • Clients who want to create value from data and become data driven
  • Clients who want to start or improve their analytics capabilities
  • Clients who have issues aggregating and combining data sources
  • Clients who do not have large engineering teams and want to focus on their core activities

What are the enablers?

  • Aggregate all data in a central place for straightforward access
  • Enables faster experimentation for the users
  • Enables the user to easily serve results, be it in dashboarding or a data model
  • Straightforward process for ingesting new data from new sources

How it works

The GDD Data platform combines different cloud and best-of-breed services in an architecture that we believe serves our clients best. For Azure, GCP, and AWS we offer a data-platform deployed using pre-configured modules.

Currently, we offer the GDD data platform solution in two tiers.

Tier 1: Simple Modern Data stack solution for clients who would want to aggregate data in a centralized location, and use that data to perform analytics and build interactive dashboards.

Tier 2: A Data Platform extending Tier 1 for clients who would want to perform advanced analytics and data science on scalable on distributed infrastructure.

Clients can choose to customize the different tiers using building blocks or custom integrations. Clients will also get a copy of the infrastructure as code meaning they can develop the provided solutions further. Without being vendor locked to GoDataDriven.

The Benefits of GoDataDriven’s Cloud & Data Solutions

With our cloud agnostic approach to Cloud & Data Solutions, we can build solutions which integrates within your existing infrastructure with ease.

  1. A standardized platform which remains flexible
  2. By combining cloud native components with placeholder for your tooling, we provide a platform which is both fast to deploy and easy to integrate with your organisation.

  3. Infrastructure as code
  4. Together with the cloud experts of our partners, we have developed templates allowing us to deploy a data platform to AWS, Azure, or GCP. Alternatively, we can also deploy a cloud-agnostic variant of the platform based on Kubernetes.

  5. Our focus is on self service tooling
  6. Integral to our solutions is the focus of enabling the users. We strongly believe that self-service tooling empowers the users and increases efficiency.

  7. Reduce cost by splitting compute and storage
  8. Splitting compute and storage allows you to take advantage of per-second billing, and thereby optimize how much you spend on compute.

  1. Roll out multiple instances of the same Solution
  2. Organizations are increasingly a complex network of different operating companies. Having one common solution, which is flexible enough to support departments to differentiate with their own tooling choices is key. However, in order to reduce the difficulty of sharing data applications between departments we fix some components which run these applications.

  3. Executed by the Best in the Business
  4. GoDataDriven only works with the best data engineers and the best data scientists. We aim to be the authority in the field of data and AI. We have proven this at many clients, including Booking.com, Schiphol, eBay, ING, bol.com, Vattenfall, Randstad, Air France-KLM, and Ahold Delhaize.

  5. Support when you need it
  6. As the complexities of ‘raw infrastructure’ diminish, higher-level complexities come into existence, it is assuring to know that you can always fall back on specialists. GoDataDriven provides the direct point of contact for your business-critical data processes.

  7. Build further on our code
  8. With every solution we share the source code with the client. Meaning the client will have the ability to develop further if they would want to.

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Get in touch with Contact Diederik Greveling (CTO GDD Solutions) to learn more about turn-key infrastructure, platforms, data and AI-driven applications or to discuss the specific technical challenges you are facing. We are happy to help you!