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The data field is dynamic like no other. Developing your skills is key to stay ahead.

No matter if you are a data professional looking for a public class to join, or an enterprise seeking to mature the data and AI skill level of the entire organization:  GoDataDriven provides the experience, flexibility, and curriculum.

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Training program for everyone

Training programs for individuals and for groups

Are you a data professional looking for individual courses to develop your own skills, a team lead looking for a customized course to develop your team, or an enterprise manager looking for learning journeys at scale to transform the skills of your organization? GoDataDriven has got you covered.

Individual courses

I want to develop my own skills

Find the right course to level up your game whether you’re a data scientist, data engineer, or analytics translator!

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Custom training programs

I want to develop the skills of my organization

Find the right courses to grow your team’s Data & AI skills, or design learning journeys at scale to empower your entire organization.

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Our Approach

Practical Knowledge to Tackle Real-World Data and AI Challenges.

Our end-to-end curriculum provides the right training topics for every level and purpose – from increasing general AI awareness to challenging the most seasoned data professional through in-depth data science and data engineering training.

Learn today, apply tomorrow

Acquire skills that you can apply to your work immediately and increase the business value that you realize. We make sure to push the content of every training far beyond text books and theory.

Learn your way and at your own pace

It’s up to you to select the format that fits your purpose and prefered method of learning. Our curriculum can be delivered through classroom training, in-company training, online, or combinations of both.

Learn by doing, in hands-on labs

We understand that you learn best by doing. That’s why, in every training, you can develop and craft your skills in the hands-on labs. We provide the theory and context to get you up and running.

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Download the GoDataDriven brochure for a complete overview of available training sessions and data engineering, data science, and analytics translator learning journeys.

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Our Work

Case Studies

“ING wants to become a data-driven organization with Analytics as a business model. GoDataDriven is our partner in accomplishing this ambition. They have the expertise to deliver a wide range of trainings, for our business people, our executive and the experienced Data Scientists.”

Mieke Nan Analytics Academy Lead at ING
GoDataDriven helped us to bring our analytics talent to the next level. They contributed to the design of the learning journey for young professionals. The GoDataDriven trainers and coaches have helped us delivering the right content.
Lennaert van de Bunt Consultant Organizational Effectiveness & Design

To prepare our lecturers for a growing demand of AI classes, we asked GoDataDriven to develop an AI learning program. This tailor-made program provides us with a huge head start along our learning journey.

Jurjen Helmus Coordinator Minor Data Science

“We wanted to accelerate our capabilities in this field, so we chose to be trained by the most experienced practitioners we could find; the people from GoDataDriven. They are so much more than a courses supplier, they are teachers, in every way.”

Paul Rakké Senior Consultant
Training for Every Data Professional

Individual Training Courses

Analytics Translator

Learn how to successfully identify, develop and execute AI use cases.

Data Science - Python

Learn about data science using pandas, matplotlib, scikit-learn, and command line.

Data Science - R

Learn about RStudio tidyverse, Shiny dashboard, and R integrations.

Data Science - Spark

Master the tools that Spark offers to perform large-scale data science.

Deep Learning

Leverage cloud GPU resources and build deep-learning models for any type of data

Apache Airflow

Learn the internals, terminology, and the best practices of writing DAGs.

Custom training

Besides our public training, we also offer custom in-house training. Get in touch with us for more info.

The training gave me a lot of grip/insights on the subject. How to use pandas/clean up your data and plotting it were for me the most interesting parts.

Configuration Manager

GoDataDriven is part of Xebia Group, a leading global consultancy boutique with over 1,000 consultants across the globe. Our curriculum is part of the complete offering of Xebia Academy, who look after logistical and operational planning and general marketing of our training portfolio.

Xebia Academy

Customize your learning journey

Custom Data Science Training


Learn to design probabilistic systems using Bayesian statistics, A/B testing, statistical uncertainties and co-variances of weights, probalistic programming, and more.

Machine Learning Pipelines

Gain practical experience with building and productionizing a model using the scikit API, creating scikit transformers and estimators, bagging, boosting and random forests.

Deep Learning and NLP

Learn to write benchmarking scripts that compare a scikit-learn pipeline against a deep learning model written in Keras or PyTorch.

Reinforcement Learning

Use OpenAI’s gym environment create a (deep) reinforcement learning agent that can recover quickly from an environment that changes over time.


Learn to optimize models using linear/quadratic optimization, gradient descent, risk based programming, heuristic algorithms, and more.

Time Series

Learn to combine long-term forecasting with accuracy by applying Pandas timeseries features, additive vs. multiplicative features, fourier transforms, hidden Markov methods, and more.

Graph Processing

Learn to use graph databases and the graph query language. Explore the Cypher query language and machine learning possibilities in Neo4J.

From Business Idea to Data Product

Learn how to successfully go from a business idea to a production-ready data product.

Customize Your Learning Journey

Custom Data Engineering Training

Bash-Fu/Shell Scripting/Unix Git/CI/CD

Learn to use the CLI to handle large files and write bash scripts for automation, and learn how to use Docker to work with volumes and containers.

Advanced Python

Learn to apply context managers, decorators, collections, itertools as well as asynchronous programming to keep code maintainable.

Data Science Pipelines and Tooling

Get an overview of sklearn pipelines and data formats like Avro/Parquet/Orc and tools like Hive. Learn to make a notebook deployable on Airflow.

Apache Spark Batches

Learn to write Spark jobs that are both performant and easy to maintain, by comparing Spark to Pandas API, writing proper ETL jobs, and increase efficiency of the jobs.

Apache Spark

Learn to write idiomatic Spark code that is clean, scalable, but also testable before it goes into production.

Kafka and Spark Structured Streaming

You will learn the basics of messaging systems and design considerations, the concept of topics. Also, you will implement real-time analytics.

Relational vs. Non-Relational DataStorage

Learn to make informed decisions when it comes to database choice. You will learn about ACID, ORM, Redis, Postgres, and Cassandra.


Learn to design flexible clusters that can handle a huge loads. You will also learn about the ELK (ElasticSearch / Logstash / Kibana) stack and the use cases the stack solves.

Apache Flink

Learn about bounded and unbounded datasets, watermarking, checkpointing and savepointing, parallellism, and blue/green deployments, and more.


Have any questions?

Contact Giovanni Lanzani, our director of training & development, if you want to know more. He’ll be happy to help you!