Predicting demand for fresh bread in supermarkets

Custom Predictive Modelling




Rob Dielemans

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Custom Predictive Modelling

Background info about Bakkersland

With a yearly turnover of 400 mil EURO, Bakkersland is by far the largest bakery in the Netherlands. Early every morning, the organization's 300 trucks deliver approximately 2 mil fresh baked breads to 1,200 supermarkets. In order to predict the consumer demand per-day per-retailer, Bakkersland asked GoDataDriven to develop a predictive sales planning model. This machine learning model optimizes the availability of fresh bread products while at the same time minimizes left-over. The sales forecast enables Bakkersland to produce more efficiently and plan further ahead.

Key Elements

  1. Agile development and feedback loops

  2. Determining and influcencing demand using machine learning techniques

  3. Taking the artificial intelligence model into production

  4. Maturing the artificial intelligence model

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Bakkersland Case Study

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Technology we used

The immediate and outstanding results of GoDataDriven's sales planning model showcased the tremendous value that exists within our data. This has lead to an increased awareness of the value of data within our management and the rest of our organization.

Hein Boersma
ICT Manager Bakkersland