Using Power BI to empower data driven decision making

Our client ABN AMRO, a leading financial institution in Europe, started using PowerBl to empower the business to make data-driven decisions faster and with more autonomy.

After the introduction of Power BI, it was quickly picked up, and there were many users. A large group of Microsoft PowerBI Pro license-holders were able to quickly get started and add value to the business.

Increase the BI awareness and skills

ABN AMRO wants to increase the BI awareness and skills throughout the organisation. Therefore they set up a Learning program to help people become more aware of their skills and responsibilities when sharing Power BI artefacts but also on how to consume data. Also, ABN AMRO wants to ensure that internal reporting to their management and other consumers is high-level quality.

Therefore, the Chief Architect & Data Management unit, responsible for the BI strategic vision of ABN AMRO, decided to upskill all the employees holding a Power BI Pro license: to continue to use the product and being able to share Power BI content, they had to pass the Microsoft DA-100 certification.

GoDataDriven was asked by ABN AMRO to design and deliver a training program to prepare PowerBI users to take the DA-100 exam and get certified.

And there’s more: the program would had to fit in a more extensive Learning Journey for PowerBl consisting of three training courses: starting with an introduction to PowerBI (PowerBI in one day), followed by the DA-100 certification program, and closing with an expert track to master PowerBl (Advanced PowerBI).

The results? Everyone who followed the training got DA-100 certified.


ABN AMRO  is one of the Netherlands’ leading banks.  There are more than 19,000 ABN AMRO employees worldwide, working mainly in Netherlands and Northwest Europe.  In 2020 the revenue was €1,8 billion with a profit of €54 million.



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Training & Development

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“With the PowerBI Da-100 training, GoDataDriven empowered us to add value through data-driven decision-making within ABN AMRO. Besides that, all the ABN AMRO participants in the training got DA-100 certified”

Ben de Jong Enterprise Advisor Data Visualization & BI
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