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Driving Your Success With Data and AI


Driving Your Success With Data and AI

Since 2009, we’ve been empowering enterprises to turn technological disruption into growth by becoming data-driven and win with smarter products, clever services and intelligent processes.

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“What I like about working with GoDataDriven, is that I don’t have to worry about evaluating people’s skillset. I know you have already done that. They went through the process, and you made sure that everything is of high quality. Knowing you can depend on that is very reassuring to me.”

Spiros Kouloumpis Head of Data at Funda

“Our customers are, in general, technologically advanced companies that recognize the advantages of having a cloud platform. They understand it doesn’t compromise security but, on the contrary, increases it and allows a solution to be accessible everywhere without complex and expensive on-premises infrastructures.” 

Michele Spighi Technical Project Manager
GoDataDriven helped us to bring our analytics talent to the next level. They contributed to the design of the learning journey for young professionals. The GoDataDriven trainers and coaches have helped us delivering the right content.
Lennaert van de Bunt Consultant Organizational Effectiveness & Design

“When I see how fast we can deploy a model since working with GoDataDriven, and also at the increased quality, I’m amazed by the vast difference compared to five months ago”

Falco Vermeer Data and Analytics manager

GoDataDriven understood how we saw our data science capability, and where we wanted to go. It was also really flexible in setting up the programs, so the courses were perfectly tailored to our situation, and the material was very applicable in our work.

Melissa Perotti Advanced Analyst

“Data allows us to make the interactions with our clients as individual and personalized as possible”

Senior Manager Customer Relations and Interactions (CRM Strategy)

“GoDataDriven helped us move from analysis and models to data products worthy of production. Now we can really derive value from our machine learning initiatives”

Remco Wilting Head of Data and Science

“Our data team is excited about the opportunities of Divolte. The flexibility of this open source clickstream collector is unrivaled.”

Charles Verstegen Senior Revenue Manager

“ING wants to become a data-driven organization with Analytics as a business model. GoDataDriven is our partner in accomplishing this ambition. They have the expertise to deliver a wide range of trainings, for our business people, our executive and the experienced Data Scientists.”

Mieke Nan Analytics Academy Lead at ING

“By developing solutions based on the data in the Data Lake, we can inform our customers proactively and help them to optimize their energy consumption.”

Rens Weijers Manager Data and Strategy

“With the PowerBI Da-100 training, GoDataDriven empowered us to add value through data-driven decision-making within ABN AMRO. Besides that, all the ABN AMRO participants in the training got DA-100 certified”

Ben de Jong Enterprise Advisor Data Visualization & BI

“GoDataDriven’s team is very experienced in developing scalable, robust, and tested data products in the cloud that can be taken into production easily”

Stephen Galsworthy Head of Data Science

“I’ve personally experienced the professionalism of GoDataDriven’s AI Maturity scan. The recommendations can be directly applied to the organization, IT, and development of skills. The AI Maturity Scan provided us with fresh insights and concrete recommendations for our organization.”

Ronald Root Manager Data Science and Business Innovation

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Whenever we talk about data and AI, we always focus on what matters: the opportunities for your business.

We’re proud to be part of the data-driven community and continuously on the look-out for technologies that add value to data practices. We believe it’s in the best interest of our ecosystem to also give back when we can, so we’re avid users and contributors to open source technology. Want to find out more?

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