Jonatan Samoocha

Jonatan Samoocha is Number cruncher at GoDataDriven

Jonatan Samoocha - Background

Jonatan Samoocha has a background in Artificial Intelligence (MSc) and experience in applying techniques such as Machine Learning and Case Based Reasoning to decision support systems in domains such as finance and aerospace. At GoDataDriven Jonathan is responsible for data analysis. His projects range from text classification to fraud detection, using toys such as R, Python and the Hadoop stack. He has over a decade of experience in applying open source technology to turn data into value.

Doing his weekly portion of running and cycling, Jonatan became aware of the huge amount of GPS-based exercise data available and started a pet project for analyzing this data. He enjoys speaking about his fields of expertise, for example at the Running Data Science NL meetup, but also at more general events like Xebicon.

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As a number cruncher I get to play with toys like R, Python, and the Hadoop stack, to develop solutions for text classification, fraud detection, and more.

Jonatan Samoocha
Number cruncher, GoDataDriven