Vincent Warmerdam

Vincent Warmerdam is Data Mining Scientist at GoDataDriven

Background Vincent Warmerdam

Vincent is Data Mining Scientist and developer at GoDataDriven. Prior to that he obtained a Msc in Econometrics and Operations Research and worked as an independent data scientist. The world will be a better place if people use data effectively which is why he gives free lectures/sessions to people who want to get started with open source data analysis in Amsterdam. He is fluent in python, R and javascript and even dabbles with scala, julia and C# from time to time.

With his roots in Eindhoven, Amsterdam, New York and Cupertino he is well at home with many flavours of technology companies. Currently he does a lot of research on learning algorithms and helps companies becoming truly data driven. The intersection of the algorithm and the use-case is of the most interest to him.

Having lectured statiscs and calculus at Nyenrode, Vincent is an experienced lecturer. Nowadays, Vincent is a preferred training partner for Rstudio as well as a frequent speaker at Python conferences. He is especially well-known for his talks on how to hack around with video game data.

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